Acabado Theme Review: Fastest WordPress Theme

Acabado Theme Review: Fastest WordPress Theme

After a year of immense discussion and work designing along with development and storyboarding, the WordPress users are immensely thrilled with the introduction of Acabado, the all in one theme, that is all set to usher a new era in the world of WordPress. 

Know a little about the term WordPress

In a WordPress, a theme is basically a collection of templates and stylesheets that is used to describe the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.

They can be changed and managed accordingly and the users are lucky enough as there are several free and paid WordPress themes available for your use.

Creation of Acabado, a milestone in WordPress theme

But recently, a newly born or created WordPress theme is creating much buzz in the world of social media which is stealing the show gradually among the other themes.

It is the Acabado WordPress theme created by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kester.

This particular theme is not only optimized, but has been designed especially  to generate a certain speed for your website, that it had been missing till date.

Acabado: the perfect name for a lightweight theme with all your desired elements

Now when it comes to speaking about the extravagant multi talents of Acabado, there are five features that need special mention as we have never found them in any other WordPress themes even after several years of seeking them.

They are speed, SEO, easy set-up and a functionality without any disturbance and a unique design that make it all the most desirous.

It comes with the most demanded gifts to the users who have been previously much being concerned about the speed of their WordPress due to the selection of certain themes.

But Acabado not only presents some impressive designs to your beloved website, but also never compromises with the speed and functions of the site.

So if you are looking for a lightweight theme in the WordPress with a minimalistic design and easy to use admin interface, then Acabado is the most appropriate name that you should choose.

The users who already had an experience with this paid theme, did not forget to share their happy feedback and there are probable reasons why the WordPress audience are absolutely in love with it.

 In a trending video, the two masterminds behind the birth of  Acabado stated their reasons for bringing the fantastic theme to the audience.

Jim and Ricky are well aware of the demands of the site owners and the users.

In the current advancement and increasing usage of the internet, owning a speedy yet attractive website is no less than a dream.

So how about purchasing a theme that gives you both? This was the sole aim of creating Acabado, which was  designed to achieve the topmost position in Google’s search engine.

The best thing is that it can also be used on mobile smoothly.

Now you can easily bid farewell to the old SEO plugin you used as Acabado comes with SEO features like Schema.

Acabado also leads the field of an organized theme as it is capable of giving you a fresh and impressive website designed in just a couple of minutes and you can also decorate your pages with Gutenberg, the editor that is designed to integrate with WordPress core. Isn’t a cherry on top of the cake?

The guys of Income School had their own reasons for constructing this superb theme named Acabado

You might be wondering exactly what struck the two masterminds as they left everything and started thinking about an extraordinary WordPress theme, that too including the features, the lack of which had been upsetting you since decades.

 As they are well experienced with building many such sites over the years, the pros and cons of each and the other various themes are already a part of their knowledge.

Most importantly, they understand the integrity of high speed and thus, they had been aiming to create a WordPress theme that is both effective and impressive with speed, being its topmost priority.

Both a website and a blog must be capable enough to represent the topic that a site is portraying and also dictate how a site is displayed and the experience that the visitors will receive.

A significant part of search engines depend on how the visitors are interacting with the websites because that showcases the site’s worthiness.

Acabado was made with the goal of filling with many gaps that other WordPress themes were missing in themselves, one being keeping up to the mark with the search engine.

If you have a correct theme installed, you can save yourself from a lot of future headaches and none but Acabado is capable of helping you in this matter.

Not only is it a well optimized theme, but it was designed with a certain goal of improving any website that comes across the WordPress.

In short, it can be described as a powerhouse of themes as it is mobile friendly, comprises minimalistic themes that also prioritizes website speed with a built in SEO ready feature.

As it has been tested innumerable times before launching officially, it also provides the users with the convenience of faster website development as it does not need any further performance examination.

Enjoy some innovative features with Acabado:

  • Website speed- One of the most important and convincing reasons why you should adopt Acabado is its potentiality of providing high speed, despite of the other features that it comprises of. Acabado serves the purpose of its launch as it was built to create an Income School WordPress theme that delivers spectacular fast website loading speed. Do not have to believe us. All you can do is, make a trip to Acabado homepage and check out their demos for yourself. You can even test the site and be welcomed by positive results.
  • SEO optimization- The in built SEO functionality that comes for free with Acabado theme is a worth to mention feature of this newly launched theme, which has never been experienced by any WordPress themes earlier. This is genuinely happy news as you do not have to install any additional plugins for the theme optimization. Also, if you have less plugins on your theme, it paves the way for a better performance of your website.
  • Anti-bounce protection-Pop ups are probably the most hated hosts for a page visitor. The creators of Acabado took special heed in this matter and thus, they added a feature that encourages the users to receive a non-intrusive message and convinces them to stay without being harassed by such pop ups.
  • Unique homepage customization- There are a lot of themes that tend to create a mundane and unimpressive impression on your homepage. This distracts the visitors unfortunately as they wander on the site in an aimless and confused state. But here comes the advantageous role of Acabado as it gives a certain amount of control on the menu. The theme is specialized with features so that the users can expertly position a well-monetized post or even a category of their site or their own social media account. This helps them to be directed to the particular site easily.
  • Image optimization- Be it any brand that develops images to promote your valuable site, pinnable images tend to capture a lot of space that may look weird at times. But Acabado has been designed by keeping in mind this issue and hence, it includes an easy way to hide the pins in the user’s blog posts.
  • In built mobile- As we all know, most of the tech savvy people are much comfortable with mobile phones and this can be again proved by Google analytics. This is why Acabado focused on having a mobile friendly functionality built in it. This is an added benefit for the users as they can work effectively both on their PC and mobiles.

Acabado is already enjoying valuable feedbacks from happy users

Recently, the famous site of Teach Wealthy shared their positive feedback where they specifically highlighted the name of Acabado theme, thanking it for providing them the highest search engine rank they have received till date.

Similar to Teach Wealthy, many other website owners who wanted to upgrade their sites with a maintenance of high speed, have chosen Acabado and are enjoying its benefits thoroughly.

Other sites of Camper Report, that deals with dynamic products and Outdoor Troop will welcome you with such amazing themes that have decorated their websites.

Such eye treating themes are undoubtedly the impact of Acabado, which surely lends certain magic to the websites.

Like most of you, the inventors of Acabado were also frustrated by the lacking features of the other WordPress themes over several years.

It was then that they decided to solve the problem for themselves, which resulted in making millions of WordPress users happy.

After periods of extensive testing and accumulating several modern technologies, WordPress has finally achieved the most effective theme in the name of Acabado.