Reddit – The Ultimate Guide

Reddit – The Ultimate Guide

Reddit is an infamous social community that lets you choose your own kind of people. It presents your communities or pages of your own engrossment.

Thanks to the immense blessings of the internet, the easy accessibility of the World Wide Web on your mobile or computer screens also paved the way for uncountable job opportunities.

Unlike other social media daisies, Reddit not only offers you to connect people all over the globe but also lets you earn from them.

From sharing entertaining articles to earning a few extra greens from the comforts of your abode, they have your back.

Keep reading to know how you can earn money from Reddit.

How can you earn ?

What seems to be a piece cake for many, money making sure isn’t a child’s play.

Reddit does not offer you money upfront but it gives you a platform to showcase your creative talents on this social abode.

It would also be wrong to think that one can use Reddit for blatant money-making without much quality or creativity.

Now that being said, if you are a creative, passionate or a curious mind and have lots of ideas you can simply pitch in your ideas on this media platform.

 If you are passionate about writing creative pieces or venting your research or your thoughts, this might be the right platform.

Reddit gives you an international platform to get your chance to be in the limelight.

Reddit sure is a miracle for small business owners, bloggers, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists and diverse ranges of creative minds.

They let you post or upload your thoughts, your hard work and helps you grow your business or audience.

To earn from reddit you must have a strong strategy to proceed.

Reddit being a diversified platform has many sub divisions also known as sub reddits. These communities offer you job opportunities with a modest salary package.

To gain money using Reddit you must be an active member.

If you are an amateur you must first understand the strategies of these communities and then proceed to avoid unnecessary scams.

Here are a few listings where you can potentially earn

Reddit does not really promise you any earnings but if you surf enough you might some sub reddit sections which might actually help you to make money.

Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts is a sub reddit section which actually implores the creative minds to come up with the most insightful, mind-boggling and engaging topics.

It can be one liners or it can be a short epiphany that you might while taking a shower or just daydreaming.

But, if you go through their Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section then you can actually understand their strict guidelines which needs to be followed.

The payment is usually carried out if the majority of the audience up votes it.  The demand for a content which is 100% original and plagiarism free.

They also strictly prohibit obscene posting or anything that is derogatory in any way which might even get you banned.

This forum expects its participants to come up with contents which has that ‘WOW factor’.

As its name suggests, this forum encourages your unique creative ideas to be shared and if it escalates to be a hit among its audience, then in return of their original content they offer money to the content creators.

There is no such prohibition on your content until and unless it is demeaning or condemns any famous personnel.

Coming to its brighter side, this is a fun and creative platform to showcase or vent your weird yet insightful views on anything and everything.

This can also be a way to let go of your stress after a tiring day as most of the post here has a comic relief.

You can express your comedic views after a long tiring day and the best part is you might get paid!

/r/ Programming Tasks

Reddit and especially reddits are people who understand the needs of their targeted audience. They have opportunities for almost every individual.

If you have ample knowledge about programming then this forum might just be the one for you!

This subreddit section offers you a contract based part-time job. The more tasks you complete, the merrier.

Their main principle revolves around a reputation system which means that the more work orders you complete the more work orders are sent you and the more you earn.

Unlike /r /forHire , this forum is much more flexible. The tasks are simple and do not demand much skill or experience.

If you are a fresher trying to gain experience for that perfect resume to join into your main hustle while earning some extra bucks then this would be the best for you.

/r/ Slave Labour

This subsection is dedicated to outsourcing. If you don’t know what that is; outsourcing is a business strategy where employers hire people outside their company for their skill set in lieu of money.

This section hires people looking for a side hustle for their business websites. Although this is a generalized section which pays a very meagre amount of salary.

But, it is a reliable source and still would be a great source of income irrespective of its salary package.

The jobs they offer extends from data entry to creative content writing.

They usually lead you to low paying jobs which require minimal to zero skill requirements.

In a personal opinion, if you wish to proceed for such jobs you must check the authenticity of  the jobs as scams are a rising issue concurrently.

If you are new, fraud job scamming has an increasing crime rate. These fraudsters scam you off your money in lieu of too good to be true jobs.

So, even if it seems to be a reliable source, please proceed with ample research on the company’s background before signing any legal binding contract.

Reliable job sources do not ask for money in exchange for jobs.

Although, no scam reports have emerged yet and many people do get paid as well.

As these jobs usually demand minimal skills, these jobs are easy to get and are simple and are not time consuming.  

You can surely invest some of your free time and make it productive by earning some money here.

/r/ for Hire

 Another famed subreddit dedicated to job opportunities. If you are a fresher and studied computer programming then this might be for you.

This forum lets you post your skill set to the potential employers and if you fit their eligibility criteria then there is a very good chance of achieving a job.

This community extends its hands to more services.

If you are looking for employees or just have a work that needs to be done related to programming, here you can also advertise your needs and skilled people will get that job done.

Unlike other subreddits, this section is predominantly fabricated for highly skilled personnel  like web developers, programmers, graphic designers,  and so on.

This forum demands highly skilled experienced employees who are genuine and offer them sufficient salary packages.

Grow your own business

Have a business idea? Looking for a promoting platform for your startup?  Other than being a member of the subreddit communities, you can also grow your own business here on reddit.

Firstly, you must know the norms or popularly known as Reddiquette to continue. The community guidelines are important to increase your up votes and getting noticed.

Although, unlike others, this is not as easy as it sounds.

If you try to violate guidelines like over -promotion of content or commit any suspicious activities you are likely to get banned.  

To get going, you can monetize your business by paying for ads.

You can also promote your business by offering genuine and eye savouring deals and reach out to the shopping enthusiasts who are ready to try out your products.

Coming to the most important criteria, you need to keep an eye out for the customer complaints which might be of no use to you rather it might get you banned.

To avoid such fate on this platform, you must have an engaging and supportive customer management services keeping the community as your topmost priority.

Though Reddit is not a fan of marketing, still you can post relevant articles which concerns your niche to grow your business.

Engaging  and plagiarism free articles are mostly welcomed.

You can also expand your business by curating viral content.

This also paves a way for you to post about jobs concerning your niche and the skills that you are seeking like web developers, content writers, etc.

The best part of it Reddit is that it allows you to start your own subreddit section.

But in order to do so, you must be clear of your strategies and marketing ideas as well as well versed in the community guidelines.

Having your own subreddit will permit you to promote your brand content freely, but over promotion might lead you to a ban.