SiteGround Review 2020

SiteGround Review 2020

SiteGround ā€“  The Ultimate savior?

Want to set up a website? Do you want the hassle of creating or hiring a developer to do the job? SiteGround got you covered! This article helps you to get meaningful insights about the world of web hosting.

If you are an amateur, then this article might just be the right choice for you.

Web hosting is a service available on the internet that lends space on servers on the World Wide Web to various entrepreneurs and organizations in lieu of money.

Wait! There’s more!

Apart from renting they also proffer internet connectivity, data center space to servers located in their data centers in lieu of money as well.

Web hosting is a wave of new fresh technological advancement that gives hope to entrepreneurs globally.

It cuts the costs of hiring programmers or developers which adds on to the hassle.

Web hosting has boomed multifarious businesses to great successes on the internet.

SiteGround is a web hosting company based in Bulgaria.

It was established in 2004.

It proffers a wide range of internet services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting and domain registration.

SiteGround caters to the servers worldwide, such as the United Kingdom, The United States of America, Amsterdam and Singapore.

In simpler terms, SiteGround gets your job done and delivers you one of the best websites with web traffic and amazing revenues.

Its site performance is unparalleled and unlike any other Web hosting sites caters to you the best and offers security from the perils on the internet.

If you opt for SiteGround, they will not let you down!

What is a website without a look?

Keeping that in mind, SiteGround brings to you the best of everything! It allows you to choose your own desired appearances from a wide range of assorted catalogues.

It also lets you customize your own website as per your own requirements.

It is definitely a cost effective option and is a haven for entrepreneurs to boost their business to the social media.

It also has Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is a surplus!   

On an appreciable note, SiteGround offers cPanel which a very famous web hosting dashboard worldwide.  

Apart from that, what makes it more trustworthy to newcomers is its personal reviews.

Customers globally are satisfied with the amazing services provided by this company at an affordable rate which is extremely rare to find these days.

What catches the eye is its 24/7 customer support.

You can now worry less as they have your back at any time of the day! They also expertise in swift dispute resolution and thus tries to avoid any loss in revenue or web traffic.

SiteGround is a brand name when it comes to hosting. They aim to make its customer worry less and be more productive and help them grow their business.

It has not only lifted up businesses but also uplifted many spirits in the process.

Professionals at SiteGround understand and cater to all your needs and requirements to set up a successful business site or a successful E-commerce site.

They bring you the best services in a very eco friendly way!

Yes! The overall energy consumed by their machines and operations are 100ā„… renewable energy.

This means now you can work to grow your business further each day and still contribute to a greater cause! How  Web hosting actually helps your business

These are some bullet points that conglomerates the benefits of web hosting for your startup.

  • Reliable: Websites like SiteGround provide the best of web hosting. SiteGround in specific is a very reliable source and offers robust security.
  • Excellent Site Performance: The best part of it is that it proffers you the best site performance.  It takes just a split second to captivate your customer’s attention and this is the most important part! If your site takes a prolonged reloading time then it might cost, you multitudes of visitors are not likely to visit again.
  • Excellent Technical Support: Many rookies in the business world often miss out the most important rule ā€“ Excellent Technical Support. Even the most trivial glitches can turn out to be bad for business and can shut your website longer than you can imagine.

This only results in a loss of uncountable web traffic and revenue loss. This only spirals your website down to a pitfall.

Apart from the aforementioned points, they also offer Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Unlimited space, security, data management and so much more!

Web hosting services offer organized data management which makes its customers less worried and more productive. Also, with its unlimited storage, you can have all your data conglomerated here and without even paying anything extra!

  • Email hosting and Domain: Web hosting companies also provide you with the best email hosting services along with domain registration. SiteGround provides you with exclusive rights to your domain, unlike other web hosting services that use subdomains to promote their own businesses. Also, free hosting services risk your reputation and are very risky. They do not promise any security to its customers.

While starting a business, the most pivotal thing is to save your money and your precious time. Each second is productive and must be spent to grow your business. Free web hosting services  only sell you false dreams of setting up your websites free of cost.

That is why SiteGround provides you with the best-upgraded technologies at a very affordable price rate.

Why SiteGround is specifically The One for you?

There are endless reasons why SiteGround is a perfect choice for you!

A Perfect Google Cloud Infrastructure

 This is often overlooked. Yes! Server infrastructure does matter and yes it is pivotal and affects the growth of your business on the global marketing platform.

Google cloud is infamous for its state of the art network services which automatically means that your website is bound to work faster and much better on SiteGround if paired with good plugins and themes for your platform

SiteGround also offers you the best organized data management along with convenient, easy to use scaling and resource management. Google is also known for using sustainable technologies.

Similarly,  SiteGround also follows the same path and has stern principles encompassing carbon neutrality.

The overall energy used in the mechanisms is completely renewable energy.

Keep Growing. Keep Contributing!

Impeccable Response Time

SiteGround ensures that you get the perfect and fastest response time and they surely try to keep their word.

With servers all around the globe, the response time is much faster and after the Google Cloud Interaction, you can now choose multiple server locations and target more audiences.

This has been a revolution and spurted the growth of e-businesses to a whole new level.

Updated PHP 7.3 Support

 Majority of web hosting companies use obsolete versions to run their blogs or operations.

SiteGround, unlike others, brings you timely updated versions so that you get the best experiences.

Packed with the free SG Optimizer plugin, now you can easily upgrade to higher versions.

The price list and plans

 What makes SiteGround a fan favorite is its amazing price rates and packages.

They offer the best services which are available in three different price rates.

The packages are the best as they are made with the best intentions. They are only made keeping in mind the nature of your business.

If your business strategy is a small one then you can proceed with the cheap starter packs which have amazing features hand picked for the nature of your business plan.

The features increase as you go for the higher plans, the prices vary accordingly.

The web hosting services offers you the amazing features which are listed below:

  • SiteGround offers you limitless data transfer.
  • SiteGround also offers you free website transfer.
  • It also has cPanel access.
  • SiteGround also offers free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure security and provide privacy between the web clients and web servers over the internet.
  • SiteGround also provides WPā€” CLI features for enthusiastic website developers.

The various features like the Startup plan, Grow big and so on are made for your specific business requirements.

The best part of it is the startup plan which is a plan made specially for rookie entrepreneurs who are new to the business and marketing world.

This is the cheapest plan in the list and hosts only a single site.

The Growbig plan is ideal for bloggers as they offer many server resources.

You can also host multiple websites and what’s more?

You get the brand new Supercacher technology as well!

The GoGeek plan is ideal for bigger business plans  which offers four times more server resources and has the staging feature as well.

This although limits the number of websites. It is recommended that if you are looking for free backup and restore or the staging feature then this is the one for you.

But if you want more websites to host then this is definitely not the one for you.