Technology – Principles, Importance, Drawbacks And Risks

Technology – Principles, Importance, Drawbacks And Risks

What is technology?

Nearly everyone has heard of technology at one point in life or another.

Well, this might not be new terminology to many, but have you ever thought about its meaning.

How can we describe technology? What are it’s characteristics? The advantages and disadvantages.

Well, stay alert as you move down this article.

Our objective here is to help you know more about technology.

Come to think about the importance of technology. You’ll realize that technology is currently used in many aspects.

Technology is one of the best things that ever happened to mankind.

In this 21st Century technology is most needed than ever.

It has deeply affected our culture, society, as well as, politics.

Besides that, we spend a lot of time on our electronic gadgets, like phones and laptops.

It’s necessary to comprehend principles that explain how technology relates to our daily lives.

When we mention technology, we don’t imply the industries. However, we can say that technology is a way of changing the economics and cultures of established institutions, and systems.

Technology means a lot more than just phones and laptops that we use. We need to understand the necessary shifts that have taken place in society.

This will help us when deciding on how technology companies are shaping our lives.

The principles of technology that we need to learn about include;

Technology cannot be said to be neutral.

The apps and services that are commonly used today.

Technology has been used in every part of these gadgets, including buttons, glowing icons, as well as links.

Chooses made by business models or technical architecture about design have great impacts on our daily lives.

In terms of security, privacy, as well as civil rights of citizens. It’s amazing how technology has changed our lives for the better.

For instance, when software encourages you to take square photos instead of rectangular, when you have to always put on your microphone while in the house, or when we always have to stay available for our bosses.

Through Thai, technology ends up transforming our behaviors and lives.

Most changes in our lives are introduced by the use of technology.

Technology is inevitable.

Consumer technology has been presented by popular cultures as an upward progression.

Implying that technology continuously makes things better for everyone.

Products that have been created using new technology has several tradeoffs, such as weaknesses in an area like security and privacy, as well as convenient for usability and improved design.

However, technology can be advantageous in one community and can be worse for others.

Hence just because a certain type of technology has improved, it may not necessarily bring improvement in other technologies.

In reality, we can say that technology improves or evolves just like evolution.

There is nearly every kind of regression along the way regardless of whether we see progress overtime or not.

Most people would want to use technology to do improve lives.

Many people tend to be critical as well as skeptical about modern technology companies or products.

We cannot conclude that every person carrying new technology has bad motives. As per statistics collected from various people worldwide who create the software as well as hardware.

Their urge to transform the world is usually a genuine one. Technology creators are usually very conscious about wanting to bring up a better world for everyone to enjoy.

On the other hand, the good intentions of technology makers do not evade them from being responsible for the negative effects brought about by their creations.

Acknowledging the good motive of these technology creators is necessary because it helps in reducing the bad intention of others.

Therefore we should understand the fact that there are more motives underneath most technology efforts.

Hence every individual should be held accountable for every technology they invent.

Technology education doesn’t include ethical training.

In disciplines like medicine and law, we always see learning incorporates in the professional curriculum.

There is always an essential need for ethical education. Often this does not stop unethical practices form taking place.

We usually witness people in power today who underwent through top tanked business schools vaunting ethical programs.

This should not blind us not to see the good deeds of others in technology.

Anyone who wishes to do good, too good and anyone who has a contrary opinion to doing good, let them have their way.

Currently, few programs have been established to inform individuals of ethical education.

Systems of education mainly focus on technical skills instead of the needed social skills.

We can not sugarcoat this situation. Consequently, professionals need to come up with ethical concerns if they wish to support what people enjoy currently.

Importance of technology.

The improvement of technology has been beneficial in fields such as medicine. Technology has helped in saving the lives of many and in treating people from dangerous diseases.

  • The introduction of computer has impacted our lives positively. Companies and people are now able to communicate easily and conveniently.
  • Doing research has now been simplified through technology.
  • Companies that use technology trends help them in making more money by saving time.
  • Exchanges can now be done fast through the new technology.
  • Purchases and sales can now be facilitated by any part of the world.
  • Businesses can now purchase their raw materials at reduced prices or discounts.
  • Technology has increased productivity in industries. Machines have been introduced to make work easier and produce more output.
  • Through technology, a scientist is now able to send astronauts to the moon and back.

Drawbacks and risks involved through using technology.

Besides the many advantages that technology has borough to us, the are also some negative effects. They include;

  • People now are unable to think due to the excessive use of technology.
  • The implementation of new technology needs to be accompanied by new rules and laws. For instance, the use of the internet is personal freedom.
  • Many discoveries tend to reduce human ability or effort. This implies that more work is now done by machines. This reduces the job opportunities available to people. Hence job vacancies reduce.